What is ParaPoly?

The most mysterious game in the city

ParaPoly is a new kind of leisure activity, a mixture of scavenger hunt, escape game and city tour. From a central place in the city, the tour takes you to important places, important sights and interesting corners. With the help of a map and information sent to your smartphone, you have to find the individual stations and solve their puzzles.

 To start the game you only need a clever team of 2 to 6 people, a charged smartphone or tablet with approx. 100 MB mobile internet, a pen and the map for the game, which we provide.

You can start the adventure at any time if you are feeling hungry or just want to take a break. You are not bound by opening times or the weather. It is only important that you have 48 hours to solve the puzzles from activation.

A game for everyone

ParaPoly is suitable for everyone who loves adventure, likes to solve puzzles, is not afraid of a 2-3 km walk and likes to play in a team. You can play in pairs or in groups of up to six players, with children and grandparents.



A game for every occasion

If you fancy an extraordinary team building, you will find an exciting challenge at ParaPoly. Set off together, explore the city, solve the puzzles and get to know each other better. The adventure you experience together will strengthen your team spirit.

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For families

The kids are bored with a classic stroll through the city? Add a little excitement with our varied puzzles. The common goal in mind, the way through the city becomes an exciting adventure. And in between there is always time for a break and discoveries off the path.


Is that one of your last days in freedom? Or are you celebrating a birthday? No matter if bachelor or hen party, birthday party or other occasion, celebrate your day with an adventure through the city. Adapt the game to your rhythm and do not commit yourself to certain dates beforehand, you determine when to start and how often you take a break.

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