What is ParaPoly?

ParaPoly is an exciting, interactive puzzle tour in which you become the character of a board game that has become real and the city is the game board. If you have always been interested in what a board game looks like from the perspective of a character, then ParaPoly is exactly YOUR game. It combines elements of a classic scavenger hunt, modern Escape Rooms and a traditional sightseeing tour. You can experience the adventures from your point of view, solve the puzzles and tasks during a relaxed stroll through the city and discover your city in a completely new way.

Who can play ParaPoly?
All who love adventure, like to play with others and who is not deterred by a walk of approx. 2-3 km.

There is basically no age limit, but for children it is also a question of personal maturity. As part of a family program, we recommend participation from the age of 8, children from 14 years of age can also participate alone (please note that we do not supervise the participants in this game).
Local knowledge is not required, the game is also suitable for participants who are planning a city tour in a foreign city, but of course also for locals who want to discover their city in a completely new way.

How can I play?

In addition to the ticket, all you need to play is a smartphone with a charged battery and approx. 100 MB of mobile internet, a pen and the game document that we provide.


How can I buy a ParaPoly ticket?

ParaPoly tickets are available on the website. The payment of the ticket can be made by PayPal or credit card. If you do not want to start immediately, payment by bank transfer is also possible.

How long does the game last?

You largely determine the duration yourself. Finish the game without interruption in 2-3 hours or use it as a companion for your stay in the city and stretch it, e.g. through a coffee break, lunch, sightseeing, a shopping tour or even a visit to a museum, to up to 48 hours.

Can I play with more than 6 people?

We recommend a number of 2-6 people per game. If you are more people, the puzzle fun for the individual may be a little short, but you can also try it out with more people. However, we would recommend that you buy more tickets from more people and play in parallel. In this way you will also have a competition with the other team or teams.

Can I also play alone?

In theory, yes. However, experience shows that many tasks can only be solved in a team, e.g. one player expresses an initial idea, which the next player then thinks to the end.

What happens in bad weather?

ParaPoly is an outdoor game, so it's best to have a look at the weather forecast before activating it. If there is really bad weather, you can continue playing the game the next day, you have a total of 48 hours to finish the game.

Is there help during the game?

We tried to make the tasks clear and all stations went through a longer test phase. Based on previous experience, everyone can solve the tasks sooner or later. If you should still not be able to solve the secret, you have the option to have the solution sent to you through the web application. A contact person or game manager like e.g. in an  Escape Room does not exist.

How can i contact you?

You should find the most important information about the game on the website or after the ticket purchase in the emails. The purchase and activation process and the game itself are designed in a way that you can start and play with your smartphone at any time without our help. For less urgent inquiries or feedback about the game, we are happy to receive your emails.

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