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The Urban Adventure Game

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Where you are the protagonist and the city is the game board. Figure out what the clues mean, solve the puzzles and track down the mystery, all you need are some friends, a smartphone with a bit of mobile internet and a simple pen.

How does it work?

Buy a ticket

You need a ticket to start the game. You can purchase this by clicking on the "Tickets" button. After purchasing the ticket and completing the payment, all you have to do is activate your ticket and you're ready to go.

Purchase ticket

All you need to play is a smartphone with a charged battery and approx. 100 MB of mobile internet, a pen and the game document that we provide. We send you the tasks on your smartphone and tell you whether the solutions are correct or not.


Play the whole game in 2-3 hours or use it as a companion for your stay in the city and stretch it, e.g. through a coffee break, lunch, sightseeing, a shopping tour or even a visit to a museum, up to 48 hours.



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